Isn't it strange how it seems to be only when we make plans that those plans get diverted for unpredictable priorities?! It's probably redundant to say so, as it's only noticeable when something gets in the way, like how you find your keys in the last place you look… because you stop looking once they're found. Never fear though, we muddle along regardless with a blissful ignorance to alternative diversions.

I like a good analogy/metaphor/simile/whatever device you want to choose, it doesn't matter. They're an awesome way to take a shortcut to describing what might otherwise take forever. So let's think about what's ahead in time, as a path of course, along which we shall walk.

This isn't a linear corridor though, we're out in the bush being pommeled by the elements of nature. Many have taken the same path, but made divergent decisions along the way. Some are faster than others and we might be faster as well. We can find the points where they stepped off the path and wound their way around a tree, or a rock that made them make a binary choice.

So we trudge along our path without stopping, as time waits for none of us mere mortals. Occasionally we can see someone else on a parallel path of their own. Perhaps they stepped away a long time ago, but never went all that far in the end. We know there are endless others out there, but most are too far diverged from our own path to see where they have been. Without a doubt we're passing scores of other journeys, and are being passed all the time.

The strange thing is that as we find our way through the bush, around trees and rocks and binary choices, we're always heading in the same direction. Our paths may not be linear, but it certainly appears that time is doing its level best to keep us heading in the same direction.

Our existence then is like an infinite line of souls marching toward an undefined fate. To our left and right is the endless line of others walking their path, but is there anything ahead and behind us as we go…

Like the ominous wall of a sandstorm bearing down on a quiet desert village, our shared direction is something to be revered. How could it have happened that every soul on their path, ends up facing forward instead of randomly bouncing between zeros and ones like a herd of dodgem-cars. 

In our relentless pursuit of the next choice, we missed a shadow appearing on the horizon. It's okay though, because it's far from fleeting. In fact, the blip in front of us grows in size and form, closing the gap between us as we march on. If we pay attention beyond where our feet are falling, we might even see what's coming before we get there.

Alas though, most of us aren't all that bothered, and why should we be? We have our path and that's enough to keep us occupied. Occasionally we'll wave at those travelers closest to us, but we're pretty content with placing our feet on the ground in front of us and picking a side whenever an obstacle appears. And we’re happy.

Perhaps the approaching anomaly isn't anything to be concerned with; I guess most of us will never know. It's good that there are others around that have their eye keenly fixated far ahead of us all. At least someone's watching out for what might be coming over the horizon, even if it means they miss a few forks in the road. Relying on peripheral vision for close proximity obstacles is a little bit tricky, but a necessary risk if we're going to maintain the path ahead. There's no use placing our steps perfectly when what's coming could be enough to wipe out the infinite width of the sum of our existence.

I don't know what's coming on the horizon and I wouldn't even dare to guess. The landscape's funny like that; it can change on a whim and leave us in the dirt. Thank goodness we're not alone and there are probably some pretty interesting folks with their stare fixed forward. Maybe they'll be kind enough to alert us when danger is close. Better yet, maybe they'll give us a nudge when the sky is filled with beauty and joy, so that we may witness everything we ever dreamed of as we weaved our way left and right, up and down, one and zero.

Ho hum.