This is a change log I've started to keep track of how atelier arcade evolves over time. It probably won't be interesting for anyone else to read, so it won't be advertised, but it will be available if anyone's interested.

  • removed blurb on home page about portfolio removal
  • major overhaul to archive page - removed automatic archive block and added manual archives that make more sense, like alphabetical games list for game posts and numbered sketchbook list for sunday sketchbooks
  • updated gear on about page with new mouse/keyboard
  • created this change log as its own blog
  • re-uploaded sunday sketchbook 23 header image, as it wasn't appearing in summaries
  • added this change log to the about page

Not one hundred percent happy with the template currently used on the site, but have tried others and haven't found an alternative yet. It's the balance between making a blog manually, or using a service like this one (squarespace) to use their back-end. I'd like it to find a better template option, but will look again in the future.

Additionally, the art and gaming blog is structurally made of a single blog, with two categories (art and gaming). I had initially made two separate blogs, but it caused some issues listing recent posts on the home page and using a single blog made life a lot easier. However, if I ever find a decent blog template, it might be worth moving posts back to a two blog system to avoid using summary blocks that are often not ideal.

This might be the longest post in the change log. The site is constantly in a state of shift as I figure out what I want to do with its layout and structure, but the content is pretty stable these days. 

Will continue to evolve the layout as time goes on and the site fills with more content. It's easier to make changes when there's a lot of content to see it reflected. The current state of the site is fine, but if anyone ever interacts with it, there might be problems to fix.