This is my artistic portfolio of traditional and digital creativity. If you're more interested in my design and illustration work, I have a professional portfolio over at abatage studios.

This portfolio is fluid and will hopefully improve with time as I am continually learning, practicing, and developing my skills. If you have any queries about any of the work you see here, or if you would like to discuss something new, please refer to the contact details available on the about page.



Everything in this gallery was made with real materials on physical media. I prefer to work with acrylic paint on canvas, but I'm always keen to try something new and expand my tool box.



These days I find myself creating digitally more and more, as it's a quick and clean way to work. I love trying out different software packages and techniques to see what possibilities await.


MUSICIAN Series (2013)

I wanted to practice drawing faces in high contrast black and white, so why not celebrate some of my favourite musicians?! These portraits were all created digitally using ArtRage 4's chalk tool.